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The Gables has four full time residents in the main house at the present time.

At the Gables we are able to offer our clients not only the personal support and care where needed but also to encourage and support our clients in the learning of independent living skills.

Clients are assessed at the beginning of their stay in consultation with their care manager/Key worker and any other professionals involved in their usual care plan. A key worker employed by Choice Care Services would then be appointed who would support and offer advice to the client, help arrange appointments, work placements, help with budgeting skills, hygiene and the running of a household.

Ongoing assessments would be made and encouragement and advice offered to the client at set intervals.

Clients residing at the Gables at present attend the local college, have work placements local to the residence and have a weekly time table of aims, objectives and goals.

In the near future Choice Care Services are hoping to convert a room within the home to use as accommodation where clients would live a more independent life style prior to moving into the community. As the room is situated in the grounds of the main house, staff support would still be available on a 24 hour basis.

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